Cognitive - Artificial Intelligence Inc. Cognitive - Artificial Intelligence Inc.

Vision & Mission


To provide competent and suitable manpower within stipulated time frame that enable our client to gain competitive edge in dynamic business environment.


High value addition to our customers and bright career prospective for our candidates is our motto.
Placing right person at the right job at the right time.
We believe in focusing on people. Our recruiters invest time to understand the culture of our clients and the personality of our candidates and base our selection on much more than just job specifications and CV's. Combining this expertise with the latest recruitment software allows us to efficiently recruit the right people into the right job.

Code of Conduct:

Our Code of Conduct is a clear set of benchmarks for our business conduct. It provides the ethical and professional framework which is the prime foundation for all professional organizations.
Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Inc is committed to the highest grades of quality and integrity. This is engrained by the business practices and client service standards, and shared values, and most importantly, by the quality of the people we employ. Our Code of conduct provides a series of guiding principles that cover the breadth of our activities.These guiding principles are:

Some of our achievements are

  • Quality delivery to the clients.
  • Acting with professional integrity.
  • Loyalty to client.
  • Professional commitment.
  • Disciplined approach
  • Continuous Improvement.


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