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Business Process Outsourcing

Recession, Low Consumer Confidence, Bankruptcy, priorities for a business across the globe are evolving by the day. The expectations today include factors beyond cost reduction and the management of the underlying process. Factors such as the application of and access to best-of-breed technology, the availability of professional services (consulting, systems integration, and support, for example), and access to low-cost offshore options for service delivery are also growing in importance. Cost Cutting is now moving beyond traditional lines of staff and inventory. Industry-wide reduction on Capital Expenditure is sought after. As the global economy is rebalancing, businesses need to find innovative ways to access new engines of talent and manage an around-the-world and interconnected workforce to achieve global delivery and ultimately reach high performance. At Cognitive, we offer our clients the unique advantage of offshore based IT and BPO services under one roof while integrating into any global Delivery Model. Our business process outsourcing services are mature and have delivered value to clients across verticals.

Easy Alliance

Create teams with industry, domain and management consulting backgrounds

Offshore IT and BPO teams with relevant technology and process backgrounds

One team approach consisting of unified program management and governance models, delivering seamless, turnkey execution.

Minimal learning curve and better knowledge transfer since Cognitive induces client and project experience within one team

Better alignment and delivery since client personnel and Cognitive consultants pursue a common set of objectives

Better controls, visibility and flexibility throughout the engagement

Lower client management overhead and superior collaboration Higher Success Rates and Lower Total Costs

Consulting teams with the right experience, low overhead and efficient execution approach resulting in lower costs

Optimal leverage of offshore-based IT and BPO teams resulting in true lower costs

Multi-year partnerships render institutionalized knowledge and relationships, resulting in higher success rates and lower total costs of implementation and maintenance


ERP SAP enables improve an organization's efficiency in all key management areas of finance, supply and distribution control, production, sales and distribution, materials management, and human resources management.