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About Us

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology is more abundant than ever, providing an apparently overwhelming amount of choices and technologies to select for the organizations. With the current ERP technology trends and new options available in the marketplace, selecting and managing an ERP system is a tough decision to make.

Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Inc provides cost effective ERP solutions that are customized to suit specific requirements of the clients. Our wide experience and advanced skills in different platforms qualify us to develop and deliver the best suited solutions to our clients.

Apart from providing the customized ERP solutions, Cognitive Artifical also facilitates implementation of various other ERP packages to centralize, streamline and integrate all business processes of an organization. Implementation of ERP solutions makes available a single centralized framework increasing operational efficiency and improves the accessibility and flow of information across all departments enabling synergies maximum resources in your business. The timely information and a flexible framework enable organizations to respond and adapt rapidly to the fluctuating marketplace and industry milieu in a more competent manner.

An ERP software solution encompasses of numerous components and modules each pertaining to the requirements of specific business process such as Customer Relationship Management, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Manufacturing and Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Data Services, Quality Management, Distribution, Human Resources etc.

Cognitive experts study every detail and analyze all aspects of client business, working in close coordination with the clients and draw solutions enabling to achieve efficiency with cost cutting initiatives in accordance to latest trends. We also provide raining of employees on the use of the system and post implementation support and maintenance services.


    The employment of custom developed ERP software solution by C Services offer the following advantages:
  • Help improve internal business processes, enhance customer service thus enabling organizations to improve customer satisfaction
  • Support in better utilization of resources thereby resulting in improved productivity.
  • Automate all business and functional processes thereby increasing overall operational efficiency.
  • Provide easy accessibility to timely information resulting in better decision making and forecasting.
  • Encompass flexible and scalable structure thereby enabling organizations to adapt and cater to future business expansions and requirements towards globalization.
  • Perform crucial company operations improving and refining business processes continuously thereby augmenting the business strength.
  • Ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of services according to client requirements meeting world-class standards.


ERP SAP enables improve an organization's efficiency in all key management areas of finance, supply and distribution control, production, sales and distribution, materials management, and human resources management.