Cognitive - Artificial Intelligence Inc. Cognitive - Artificial Intelligence Inc.

.Net Consulting

Cognitive Artificial's .NET Consulting Services includes the following:

  • ASP.NET Consulting
  • ASP.NET MVC Consulting
  • C# Consulting
  • CLR Consulting
  • Microsoft Surface Consulting
  • Silverlight Consulting
  • VB.NET Consulting
  • Workflow Consulting


Cognitive Artificial Consulting offers services in the following categories in which the client and Cognitive Artical structure a project or ongoing service to meet the client's specific needs.

Web Solutions

Cognitive Artificial designs and builds custom web-based business applications driven by enterprise databases.

Business Intelligence

Cognitive Artificial develops enterprise data warehouses and implement business intelligence tools. Cognitive Artical utilizes the latest technology to build data marts and data warehouses from multiple internal and external sources with its experienced staff.

System Integration

Cognitive Artificial provides solutions to integrate existing applications or develop new applications to meet the requirements focusing on developing interfaces between heterogeneous environments, including external systems including file transfer, process coordination, and production support alerts.

Solutions Architecture and Planning

Cognitive Artificial enables produce a system architecture, a project plan and evaluate an existing project by translating business requirements into application architecture, a data model, a functional decomposition, an implementation roadmap, a project plan, or a detailed schedule.

Technology Training

Cognitive Artificial provides instructors and training programs so clients can develop IT staff by investing in their technical knowledge and skills. Cognitive Artical specializes in developing complete training programs to transfer technical knowledge to users as required emphasizing on instructor-led training to maximize interactive learning and lab exercises to help develop hands-on skills.

About Us

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology is more abundant than ever, providing an apparently overwhelming amount of choices and technologies to select for the organizations. With the current ERP technology trends and new options available in the marketplace,